Dog Who Feared Cats Now Loving Mom to Foster Kittens

Phoebe the Border Collie didn’t like cats at first. In fact, she was scared of them according to her mom Aki. The pet parent from Houston, Texas, says that’s changed and Phoebe now loves the foster kittens she brings home.

“I think Phoebe plays different roles,” Aki told SWNS. “When they’re young she’s a mama, and helps them go potty and lets them hide under her tummy.”

When the kittens get older, Phoebe’s behavior changes. But she’s always gentle with them despite being high-energy when outside and on adventures. Said Aki, “Once they [the kittens] get older, she’s like a sibling and plays with them. I call her a grandma dog, because she plays with them but never gets mad.”

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