Dog Thrown Off New York Bridge Rescued After Good Samaritan Spots Him

A drowning dog is safe after he was reportedly thrown from a New York City bridge into the river below.

The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) shared a social media post on July 19 that their firefighters responded to a report about “a dog that was thrown off a bridge into the Harlem River and was in distress.”

As the marine firefighters arrived on the scene they spotted a Good Samaritan on shore struggling to hold onto the large dog and keep him from submerging in the water.

FDNY wrote on Instagram:

“Upon arrival, Marine 4 led by Lieutenant Sodano, saw a civilian clinging to the dog from shore attempting to keep it afloat. Members from Marine 4 were able to bring the dog on board the vessel and take him to shore, where he could receive the necessary care.”

Thankfully, the dog was safe and is doing okay. The Good Samaritan, who goes by the Instagram handle @Slimshady0321, appears to work on bridge maintenance and has a dog of his own. He shared an Instagram Story where he said he saw the dog struggling in the water while at work. After helping the dog, he wrote on Instagram, “I hope the person or person’s responsible for this heinous crime gets what’s coming to them.”

dog rescued from water at New York bridge

New York City Fire Department / Instagram

The FDNY concluded, “Without the quick response from both the civilian and FDNY members, the outcome for this animal could have been very different.”

dog rescued from water at New York bridge

New York City Fire Department / Instagram

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