Firefighters Come to the Rescue of Dog Swallowed by Sinkhole

These wonderful firefighters came to the rescue of a dog in serious trouble! Florida firefighters with Seminole County received an emergency call from a dog owner who said their dog was stuck in a sinkhole.

Firefighters helped dog stuck in sinkhole. Seminole County Fire Department

The firefighters from SCFD Station 42 found the large dog partially buried with over 75% of his body was covered with dirt. He was exhausted from trying to get free from the sinkhole and was extremely lethargic and in distress when they arrived.

Seminole County Fire Department

They grabbed shovels and other tools to help free him and explained to the dog’s owner what they were going to do to free him. And after some effort they pulled him out!

Seminole County Fire Department

After they freed him they gave him oxygen and carried him in a gurney back to their fire truck to transport him to the nearest animal hospital.

Seminole County Fire Department

Station 42 crews went the extra mile and met the owner at the animal hospital and assisted with carrying the dog inside where he got treatment.

Seminole County Fire Department

Seminole County Fire Department

The fire crews contacted the owner later and found out that the dog was recovering well and his tail was wagging!

Seminole County Fire Department

They also made sure to fill in that sinkhole to prevent any animal or human from getting trapped in the future.

Thank goodness these firefighters responded so quickly! Way to go, guys!

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