Dog Stuck Under Breakwater Rocks as Tide Coming in Rescued Thanks to Keen-Eared Jogger

Gwen the Springer Spaniel is safely home with her family thanks to a jogger who heard muffled barks coming from under a large pile of breakwater rocks.

The runner at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach went to investigate and found a dog peering up at him from a crevice among the rocks.

The person called San Francisco Animal Care and Control for help.

“It is beyond lucky that we even got this call,” SF Animal Care and Control shared on Instagram. He “thought he heard a muffled bark, turned around, but no one, human or dog, was in sight. He decided to look around in the rocks, and he miraculously spotted a dog’s face looking up from under the rocks,” SF Animal Care and Control continued.

Officer Ortega responded to the call to find the dog but it wasn’t easy as he had to locate her. He looked through every crevice but with help of the photo the Good Samaritan had sent over he found Gwen. He tried several things to free her but with the tide coming in, Ortega was pressed for time. Thankfully, he was able to move the large rocks and pull her out. Ortega related to KTVU News how he managed to rescue Gwen:

Once the Springer Spaniel was freed she gave him a huge kiss on his beard.

San Francisco Animal Care and Control

A scan of her microchip matched up with her family’s details. “Her guardian had already called ACC to report her missing,” Animal Control said. “Officer Ortega drove Gwen, a 1 year old Springer Spaniel, back home. Gwen was reunited with her family in Noe Valley, scared and cold, but otherwise OK.”

San Francisco Animal Care and Control

The rescuers concluded, “We have no idea how she got into that tiny area. Possibly, she dislodged a large rock, fell in, and the rock rolled on top. However it happened, we’re so glad she’s now safe and sound at home!”

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