Dog Strikes Statue-like Pose When He Sees Tiny Intruder At His Home

When it comes to alerting his mom to trouble around the home, this dog has got a stand-out technique. He’ll point, just as in his nature.

In this cute and funny video shared by @vanja_patlach, the dog is is on the roof of a shed and staring upwards to the top of a stairwell next to the home. He’s like a statue he’s so still and intent on his duty.

There’s another dog at the base of the stairs equally immobile and staring up too. So when the camera pans up to see what they are pointing at, it comes as a cute surprise to see a cat peering down.

Viewers couldn’t help but laugh at the dog’s actions. One person commented, “On alert for a kitty; a dangerous enemy; lol.”

Another guessed the dog’s breed, “Uh, I mean, he’s obviously a pointer.”

I thought it he was a statue at first, the way he stands so still. What a beautiful doggo.

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