Dog Who Spent Cold Brutal Night Lost in Mountains Reunites with Family

A dog and her family got a Christmas to remember after she got lost in the mountains in Utah.

Nala was on a hike with her family on Christmas Eve when she got separated and lost near Waterfall Canyon in Utah. The terrain was treacherous and the weather freezing and her dad was forced to leave her behind.

“After a long search, he was not able to recover her before night fall, and Nala had to spend the night on the mountain,”Weber County Sheriff Search and Rescue,” wrote in a Facebook post.

The family spent an anxious night worried if Nala would be able to survive the cold temperatures.

“Early Christmas morning, the owner began searching for the dog once again,” the rescuers continued. But the family grew even more concerned. “Around 1:00pm family members reported to authorities the owner missing as he was not answering calls or texts.”

Nala’s dad had gone out of cell service range but was “finally able to answer one of the many calls.”

He had located Nala above the waterfall but was unable to get to her due to the steep and icy terrain.

Weber County Sheriff Search and Rescue

“Because the only way to reach the area of the dog was via technical climbing given the terrain and weather, our team responded,” Weber County Sheriff Search and Rescue,” wrote. They deployed a drone and two expert climbers and were able to reach Nala. But she wasn’t the easiest dog to get a hold of.

WCSAR wrote, “Given the fact Nala spent the cold brutal night alone, she was a little nervous meeting her rescuers. However, with a lot of patience, and a little help with the buzzing sound of the drone, Nala approached her rescuers and got some well deserved care.”

Thankfully, she was more suspicious of the drone than them, especially when one of the rescuers pulled out some food.

Once they had Nala in hand, the three descended the mountain. Nala was able to walk herself down. “Nala was cold with a few minor injuries, but was able to hike down with the rescuers,” WCSAR wrote. “She is one tough puppy!”

Weber County Sheriff Search and Rescue

It was nightfall before they reached the bottom, but once there the family joyously reunited.

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