Dog Who Spent 7 Years At Shelter Acts Like Puppy When She Gets Family She Always Wanted

When Jennifer Hoyt walked into the doors of the Oahu SPCA shelter and asked about Pirate they were shocked. The senior dog had spent half her life in the shelter being overlooked, seven years to be exact.

That anyone would express interest in Pirate seemed like a dream come true. There was a small catch – Jennifer and her husband were relocating to the island and didn’t yet have a home. But that didn’t stop Jennifer from becoming acquainted with Pirate.


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She brought a comfy bed for Pirate for in her kennel and visited every day for months to keep the dog company. When they finally brought Pirate home, she was a dog transformed. The couple reveal in a video interview that Pirate acted more and like a puppy, so much so that they nicknamed her “old lady puppy”.

Pirate bounds to the door to say “hello” every time they return home and experienced her first zoomies along with many others at her new home.

Now she spends her Friday nights snuggling on the couch.

She also gets to enjoy her very own couch nap time.


And outdoor adventures.


The Hoyts try and make everything special for her. No wonder Pirate can’t stop grinning.


But we think she’s smiling because she got what she always wanted – a family.


Now 12.5 years old, Pirate is living the best life – all thanks to her family who wanted to give a senior dog a second chance.

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