Judge At Dog Show Invites Girl With Autism To ‘Walk’ Her Stuffed Puppy In Event

Dog shows usually have a reputation as proper, formal events but as this moment reveals, the shows can be fun and heartwarming too. In a sweet video shared on social media, a dog show judge thrilled a young dog fan he noticed seated on the sidelines. The little girl was holding a stuffed toy dog, which had a leash and collar like the real dogs at the event.

Redditor hiimcoleman shared the video of the judge encouraging the young girl to join the show.

hiimcoleman said the young girl has autism and the judge walked over to her and asked if she wanted to show her dog as well.

Here’s a YouTube version without sound.

The judge, later identified by a redditor as Johnny Shoemaker, talks to the young girl and encourages her to walk her toy dog in a circle after inspecting her “dog.” The audience enthusiastically claps as she makes her lap. The girl is so happy at the end that she hugs Shoemaker and the audience lets out an “aww” knowing how special the moment is for the young girl.

Another redditor, pokechuno, said this happened at the Poodle Club of America Show where Shoemaker judged a few other events.

And Jay Kwellin tweeted later, “This judge has helped set up the ‘peewee’ class at dog shows, which is for kids not old enough for the junior showmanship classes. He is literally this amazing with every child at a show and it is a pleasure to watch!”

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