Dog Rescued from Exterior Ledge of Ferry After Getting Stranded There

Travellers on on BC Ferries often look over the side of the boat to see if they can spot whales or other sea mammals. But on a recent evening sailing between Vancouver and Vancouver Island they were peering over the edge to watch a dog who had gotten stuck on the outside rubbing strake (or front “bumper”) of the boat.

On July 29, 2021, passengers on the Queen of New Westminster ferry spotted the black dog on the edge about 20 minutes into the sailing.

Ferry passenger Tyler Reeves said a friend pointed the dog out to him.

“Pretty much seconds later the whole boat was leaning over the edge to see what the problem was,” he told CTV News the next day.

Reeves filmed video of the dog’s precarious position.

The boat stopped for about 30 minutes while the crew tried to get the dog back to safety and locate the dog’s owner.

“They couldn’t find the owner, he was nowhere to be seen,” said Reeves.

Reeves said a crew member walked on the bumper and brought the dog back onto the vehicle deck.

The majority of people was relieved that the dog was safe and eventually the dog’s owner was located.

How the dog got out onto the outside bow of the ship hasn’t been reported, but BC Ferries does have on board kennels, a dedicated dog area at the front of the boat and pets can also remain on lower vehicle decks, but their owners are advised not to stay with them due to safety policies. It is likely the dog somehow got loose and found his way out. But it’s certainly a relief he was rescued!

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