Dog Rescued from Dogfighting Undergoes Amazing Transformation

A Pit Bull named Olivia was one dog among 274 rescued from an alleged dogfighting operation in South Carolina. Humane Society of United States (HSUS) took her in and right away knew she had endured the unimaginable.

“We can tell from her wounds that she was in at least 2 fights before our arrival,” they write on their YouTube channel.”The trauma she experienced, both physically and emotionally, is beyond imagination. Yet, despite that, she is coming out of her shell and learning to trust humans again.”

Over seven weeks, Olivia’s scars healed and her slouched and cowering body posture began to lift. Olivia is still timid but she’s beginning to accept the love her rescuers are offering. They write, “Her progress is slow yet steady, and we know she has a bright future.”

To help HSUS care for the dogs rescued from dog fighting visit their website.

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