Dog Didn’t Like Going Out in the Cold Until His Dad Built Him a Snow Maze

Linus the rescue dog is not a fan of snow, but the small dog lives in the Canadian province of Alberta, which means he sees a lot of it. That’s why his human, Dan McFee, decided to make him a special snow maze.

With winding corridors and special snow arches, Dan spent a few hours shovelling the snow in his backyard to build the maze. And Linus immediately fell in love.

Dan told CTV News, “He loves it. I’ll come home from work and he’ll run and do laps for about 10 minutes to burn off some excess energy. Just bouncing around, having a great time.”

Watch Linus in action below!

“Linus is a 8 months old terrier cross. When he was only 4 weeks old we found him abandoned at a gas pump in Spokane on our way back to Canada. When it snowed more than 30cm over the holidays, he need a place to go the bathroom and run around as it was too cold and dark to go for a walk,” explained Dan.

That’s when Dan had an idea. “We decided to make a track through the snow in the backyard for him to get some exercise,” he said. “May have went overboard with tunnels and jumps but they ended up being his favourite part.”

To keep things interesting for his beloved pup, Dan also uses a laser pointer at night. Linus zooms through the maze in the dark chasing after the red light.

Dan says he plans to redo the maze’s route when new snow falls, so Linus doesn’t get bored. Linus is one lucky pup!

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