Dog Left Behind When Family Moved Away in Need of Love

A small dog living in the yard of an uninhabited home came to the attention of DAR Animal Rescues after they saw a Facebook post showing her terrible condition.

They went to get the dog and were able to track down the family who used to live there. The dog was an elderly man’s but when he could no longer take care of himself she was left behind.

Although “Beba” was fed, she received no other care. They were able to take Beba with permission from the son of the man. At 8 years old they do not know much about her but they do know she wasn’t cared for properly.

She was so afraid and so matted that she lashed out when they tried to touch her. She had definitely lost her trust in people and who could blame her?

Beba was given nothing by her previous family. But DAR Animal Rescue promises that now she can have everything. And although she does not trust anyone yet, she will remain in their care for as long as it takes.

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