Adorable Dog Celebrates a Bit too Soon in Obedience Competition

An enthusiastic Boxer’s reaction during obedience class is going viral after she celebrated a bit too early while responding to Sit/Stay. Molly the Boxer was participating in a beginner obedience competition in Fayetteville, North Carolina with her human when she did something Boxers are known for – she began clowning around!

Her mom described what happened as follows:

“In a beginner obedience competition, Molly was supposed to sit/stay and wait for me to call her to me. Then she was to sit in front of me and look up. This is the last exercise of the event and Molly decided to celebrate early. We lost a few points but did indeed qualify.”

The adorable dog’s prancing and excitement are contagious. Just watch the funny clip below.

If you have trouble viewing the clip above, try the version below.

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