Dog Holds Grudge Against Electric Fence That Hurt His Goat

For two years, a livestock Guardian Dog named Kaan has held a grudge against an electric fence on his family’s farm. That’s because two years ago, a goat he protects found the electric fence while grazing too close to a post.

dog hates electric fence

@charchar.binxo TikTok

This so alarmed Kaan that he has decided the fence is his enemy and he will ever now and then put the fence in his place.

@charchar.binx0 Replying to @rosyjennings The fence is our favorite enemy. #livestockguardiandogs ♬ original sound – Charlene

If you enjoyed Kaan, wait until you see this adorable Anatolian Shepherd puppy learning to herd sheep. And have you ever hiked in an area with livestock guardian dogs? Here are some tips to be respectful of these working dogs.

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