Adorable Anatolian Shepherd Puppy Begins Herding Sheep

A tiny Anatolian shepherd puppy is starting his training young. In the adorable video shared by Umit, the puppy is walking alongside a flock of sheep. As he walks up the hill with them the sheep come over to give him a sniff and a nose boop. They are all so curious about him!

But the pup doesn’t let the sheep distract him too much and gets back to the business of practicing his herding skills. It’s as if he’s telling them “Alright! Move it along!”

We can already tell he’s going to do a great job! People watching the video shared that Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are raised to protect the sheep. One viewer commented, “They’re raised together with the sheep and with less human interaction than a herding dog for example. When they protect the herd, they’re not protecting a bunch of sheep but their pack/their family.”

Anatolian Shepherds are renowned for their bravery and have been used for centuries to protect livestock from wolves, bears and other predators. And it may not seem like it from the size of this pup, but they also grow really big!

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