Dog Has His Emotional Support Rat By His Side During First Grooming

Girl With The Dogs regularly grooms many different dogs. And she is nothing if not accommodating when it comes to unusual requests. But the request by Sully the Australian Shepherd took us by surprise.

Sully is a very nervous puppy, so for his first groom his parents wanted his emotional support rat to accompany him! Girl With The Dogs immediately said yes, so Benny the Support Rat came along for the grooming session and would get a bath himself!

It’s adorable to see Benny give Sully reassurance. And Girl With The Dogs explains some of the things she does to make a dog’s first groom as comfortable as possible.

Says one viewer, “When I saw the words emotional support rat for the dog I burst out laughing. But I got to admit the two of them together are just too damn cute. I’m a believer now.”

And after seeing the pair in their bandanas one viewer had a few suggestions. “What an absolutely adorable combo,” wrote another. “Benny needs a cute little ‘Support Rat’ harness so he can go everywhere with Sully. And maybe a little jacket for Sully to wear, with a pocket for his buddy to sit in. So he can go EASILY go everywhere he goes.”

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