Dog Gently Returns Kisses From Baby Girl

A lot of patience and love goes into introducing a dog to a baby and it is a big event for any dog lover. For this family, their German Shepherd welcomed the new baby immediately. A puppy himself at the time, Larry was immediately smitten with baby Quinn.


The proud papa revealed:

“This is my daughter, Quinn, and our white German Shepherd, Larry. Larry is 9 months older than Quinn and has been obsessed with her since we brought her home.”

Larry is gentle and attentive with Quinn but never gave Quinn a kiss, until now. Dad writes:

“He’s always licking her hands and letting her climb all over him, but I’ve never allowed him to lick her face, though he tries all the time.”

“Quinn finally decided that she wanted kisses from Larry, and I think Larry was hesitant to oblige since I was right there. Eventually, he couldn’t hold out any longer, so Quinn finally got her puppy kisses.”


Larry places his paw on Quinn’s leg and looks to his dad for approval before giving Quinn a kiss, much to her delight.

Watch the sweet moment in the video below.



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