Dog Found Shaking In Ditch Is All About Cuddling Now

A sweet little dog was left in a ditch and spent the night in the cold before she was found by rescuers shivering and hungry.

Diana with SpookyKittyKats in Houston, Texas, rescued the small dog they named “Mica.” The moment Mica was in the car she nuzzled with Diana, relieved to be safe. Diana contacted her friend Samantha, who rescues and fosters dogs (Street Life to the Sweet Life) and she welcomed Mica into her home. Mica was shy but it didn’t take her very long to warm up to her foster family. And it didn’t take long for this sweet, loving girl to find a wonderful home!

Lola’s Lucky Day animal rescue helped Mica (now Ewa) find the perfect family. “She is now living her best life in Minnesota with her adopters through our partners Ruff Start Rescue,” they wrote on Facebook. “We couldn’t have asked for a happier ending for such a loving girl!”

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