Dog Does Not Want to Live Anymore After His Family Abandons Him

When Milan with Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac arrived at the shopping centre to help a sick dog, he could tell the dog was defeated. The Good Samaritan who called him told him that the dog did not want to eat or drink.

The small dog was huddled under some shopping carts and barely lifted his head when Milan approached him.

pepi rescued under from shopping carts

Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac

Milan gently picked the dog up – the poor dog was so dirty and matted in his own excrement. The dog was so weak he couldn’t walk.

Milan immediately took the dog to hospital and gave him a reassuring kiss on the head. He got an IV immediately but he still refused food. Milan guessed the dog’s heart was broken because his family abandoned him. It took five days for “Pepi” to get up on his own. A day after that he started to eat.

Then it was time for Pepi to get a proper clean up and be groomed and washed.

Now Pepi is a completely different dog – smiling and wagging his tail. As Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac writes, “Love cures sadness and all emotional pains.”

If you would like to support the Serbian rescue save more dogs like Pepi, visit their website.

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