Dog Deemed Dangerous and Unadoptable Turns Out To Have Loving Heart

A stray dog from Albany arrived at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, New York after being found tied up in somebody’s backyard. Augustus was very reactive and it took a while for Nancy Haynes, Director of behaviour and enrichment, to befriend him.

When she read his report from animal control they indicated Augustus was very dangerous and recommended he not be placed up for adoption. But Haynes judged differently after he leaned into her after she met him for the third time out of his kennel. When he did that she knew she was going to succeed in helping him.

Soon, Augustus came to the attention of the Friedman family who took one look at the big beautiful dog and knew they wanted to give him a chance.

When they went to meet him at the shelter for the first time he wasn’t too sure and neither were they. But during that visit, Augustus slob kissed young Tyler in the face. The Friedman’s decided to take him on an overnight test run which went amazingly well.

augustus the dog adopted

Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

His mom says that the moment he got out of the car he looked around and knew he was home. She noted Augustus seemed to be saying “Hmm. Okay. These are my people. This is where I belong.” For their side, the Friedmans have learned that Augustus has a huge, loving heart.

Watch as the Friedmans share what an impact Augustus has had on their family and they on him.

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