Dog Brings Grandma a Gutter as a Gift

Archie the dog loves gutters. Archie also loves grandma. So when he got the chance to combine his two loves into one special moment, he was one very proud and happy pup.

Says his dad, “My dog, Archie, loves to play with gutters any chance he gets! He ALSO loves to bring his Grandma gifts each morning before I drop him off, today he combined his 2 favorite things in one!”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of how darn proud Archie is as he adorably carries the piece of plastic piping through the hall and into grandma’s bedroom. “Aww look how proud he is,” wrote one viewer. Another person noted, however, there will be some damage to repair with this Archie delivery. “Lol just scraping the walls up, smh.”

“Grandma, you’re gonna love this,” commented another. Although grandma seems a little bit exasperated by Archie’s gutter gift (she proclaims “Oh Archie, what am I gonna do with you?” before plopping back in her bed, you can tell by Archie’s eager tail wagging that he’s one spoiled and happy dog and we’re pretty sure he’ll be forgiven.

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