Dog Abandoned At Fire Station With Note

A senior dog who loves steak is looking for a forever home after being abandoned at a fire station with a note.

The full page handwritten letter read as follows:

Hello, My Name is Sasha.
I love Short walks on nice windy days And Chew toys!
I love head pets and tummy rubs that make my leg do this shakey thing, thats how I know its good.
My favorite food is Kibbles n Bits mixed with wet food and Steaks!
I absolutely love Steaks!
I’m 8 years old and want to go to a loving home where I can get lots of attention and the care I need.
I love other animals and children I was a good Dog, that’s what my parents told me.
I chewed up my back Because of anxiety, But else wise there isn’t anything wrong with me. I am up to date on my shots.
Did I mention I love Steaks?!?

By what you read in the note it would seem Sasha’s owners loved him, but his condition says otherwise. Blind in one eye, underweight and with a skin condition, Sasha was not well looked after.

But Johnston County Animal Shelter in Smithfield, North Carolina says rescuers will be doing their best to find him a home.

“He definitely has a chronic skin issue. It’s something we’re not sure exactly yet, whether it’s something maybe a flea allergy of some kind or maybe a demodex mange because he does seem to be an older dog,” Shelter Director Graham Price said.

“From reading the note you can definitely think that the people did love this dog, but by the way that he looks you would not think that. You wonder what led up to this as far as what happened to the owner where they could no longer for this dog and allow him to get in that shape.”

Price said a rescue group will be taking Sasha and nursing him back to health before finding him a home.

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