Deaf Puppy Abandoned On Highway Now Gets Upset if People Don’t Want to Cuddle Him

Buddy was picked up on the highway and brought to a shelter in a town in Germany. Jennifer’s mom works at the shelter and she shared a video of Buddy playing with a toy. He was probably going to have issues being adopted because he was deaf. Jennifer wasn’t planning on adopting another dog, especially a deaf dogo argentino. But she couldn’t resist.

Buddy was so excited to have people paying attention to him. But he needed lots of reassurance. The first few days, he screamed in his crate but would calm down when they held his paw.

That was 2 years ago. Since then, Buddy has adopted well and is avery visual. He still loves to get reassurances with body contact and will get upset if people don’t want to cuddle him. He’s just the happiest, most well adjusted puppy!

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