Adorable Dachshund Works At Local Pet Store Shop As Chief Meeter And Greeter

An adorable miniature Dachshund has become part of the team at his local pet shop after being given the prestigious title of “store meeter and greeter”.

One-year-old Frankie was bought to the shop by the owner, Judy Laine, who also works at the store in Broadmeadows, Nottingham, from the tender age of nine-weeks-old.

The cute pooch with stubby short legs professionally assists with the day to day operations of the shop as well as greeting customers and what is more important, unlike regular employees who can take a sick leave – this dedicated canine has never missed a day on the job since the day he started working!

The 42-year-old owner, Judy, said: “Frankie has full run of the shop when we are closed and we usually do early shifts, so most days we start work at 6.00 or 7.00 am. Whilst I’m cleaning out the pets at work, Frankie wanders around, plays chase with any colleagues he can distract, pinches loose biscuits from under the pick and mix biscuit bar. He also runs off with cardboard boxes when we have deliveries and generally has great fun.”

He is such a model employee that the company issued a special uniform just for him! And a hard-working dog needs his rest so there is even a bed for him laid under the till.

It seems he also loves to help clean up and do some product testing in the shop.

Judy said: “Our colleagues absolutely adore him. “He’s such fun to have around with his sense of humor, even at 6 am in the morning. He makes us all laugh so much with his antics.”

Watch some of Frankie’s office antics in the cute video below.

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