Dachshund Adorably Reacts to Cold Outside

Shreddy the Dachshund is all bundled up and ready to go outside. There’s just one thing…it’s cold.

Shreddy lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and it was a frigid -31°F (-35°C) on this particular day. Her human writes, “”It was -35 C and my dog Shreddy wanted to go outside to relieve herself. I bundled her up with her winter jacket and she waited for me to open the door and let her out. The moment the door opened she did an about-face and decided she could hold it.”

Other dog owners couldn’t help but laugh at Shreddy’s abrupt U-turn.

One viewer wrote, “‘Doesn’t look so bad.’ (feels subzero temperature on the tip of her nose for less than half a second) ‘NOPE! NEVER MIND!’”

Another figured Shreddy had decided, “’Ima go pee on the floor.”

Shreddy’s hesitancy reminds us of Lulu the Yorkshire Terrier who had an equally sensible but slightly different winter decision to make.

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