Community Steps Up to Help Dying Homeless Pit Bull Achieve His Bucket List

Recently, police found a senior Pit bull wandering the streets and brought him to Niagara SPCA in New York. “(Lloyd) has these sad eyes. We don’t know what he went through in his life,” Amy Lewis, executive director at the Niagara SPCA told WGRZ-TV of the 12-year-old dog.

They were saddened too when they found a tumor on Lloyd that they believe is cancerous and that he is suffering end-stage kidney failure. Realizing he didn’t have much time left, and instead of euthanizing him, Lewis and the staff decided that Lloyd should spend his remaining days with them in comfort. They also decided the homeless dog should have his days filled with a bucket list that the community could help them achieve.

So the humane society put out a call to the locals to come and get Lloyd out of the shelter so he can just go do dog things.

Lloyd must have known he was going to be taken care of because Lewis said “His creaky, old body got up and gave me a little kiss.”

It could be anywhere from three weeks to three months before Lloyd crosses Rainbow Bridge. Until the time comes, he’s got a packed itinerary. “He is booked up through August,” Lewis said.

The program has had such a positive response that the Niagara SPCA is now considering making the program permanent. “We anticipate that this will be a pilot for a program where the public gets to do this with many of our shelter animals,” Lewis said.

For now, though, their focus is on Lloyd. Lewis said, “We want to make whatever time he has left amazing.”

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