Bulldog Befriends Playful Pygmy Goat

Pig the Pygmy goat likes to play with Rocky the bulldog, but he does it in the typical goat way – by butting heads. Thankfully, Rocky doesn’t mind and keeps going up to the goat despite his curious un-doglike way of playing.

In the cute video, Frankie keeps Rocky goes up Pygmy only for the goat to rear up and bop his head on Rocky. Rocky stands his ground and lets Pig bop him and rub his cheeks on his face. At one point it looks like Frankie wants to play like a dog and paws Pig’s chest.

Their family writes of the video, “The video has our Pygmy goat, Pig, and our bulldog Rocky in it. It was taken last year it was viewed while I was in my kitchen and they were out back. I just decided to video a short clip of them playing as they played all the time and I kept missing it. It ended when Rocky’s mum Frankie went out and started barking at them, Pig went one way and Rocky came into the house.”

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