Boy Takes His Dog Out For A Sled Ride In The Snow

No matter what the weather, children always find ways to enjoy themselves outdoors. Take this little boy and his dog. After a recent snowfall in Romania, 12-year-old Andrei decided to take his dog, Pufi, out for a walk – or should we say – sled ride.

Screenshot via Facebook

Andrei cleverly attached a blue and yellow sled to the back of his bicycle. His dog Pufi knows exactly what is going on and sits patiently on top of the sled, waiting for Andrei to hop onto his bike and take him on a ride!

After the video of the pair was posted on Facebook, it came to the attention of CERT Transilvania – the transportation authority in the area. They decided to give Andrei a gift for bringing a moment of happiness to so many people and got him a new bike.

“Andrei and Pufi have reminded us of childhood when the simple things brought us the greatest joys: snow, a sled and a reliable friend next to us,” CERT Transilvania explained on Facebook. “Today we also gave Andrei joy by giving him a brand-new bike, equipped with everything he needs for many years to come on the road to school or racing with Pufi.”

We hope Andrei and Pufi have many more fun sledding adventures this winter!

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