Boy Sleeps Outside in Tent with His Dog for Nearly 2 Years to Help Shelter Dogs

13-year-old Ashley has been taking care of foster dogs with his family for most of his life. For over 7 years, his family has welcomed dogs into their home. They also have three rescue dogs of their own, including Bertie, a 10-year-old Spaniel.

A few years ago,Ashley wanted to see where the rescue dogs came from so he visited a shelter with his mom. He burst into tears seeing the circumstances the homeless dogs face every day and wanted to help. What he came up with is a unique way to help raise attention and funds.

For over a year, Ashley began sleeping in a tent outside to raise money for Paws2Rescue. After many cold nights (during his 654 night campaign thus far) he he wondered if he should give up, but Bertie started joining him and since then the two have become quite the team.

Note that as Ashley says in the video Bertie doesn’t join him every night, he’s snuggled with Ashley for around 100 of them. Ashley and Bertie are the winners of the Child’s Champion category in Crufts’ The Kennel Club Hero Dog Award 2023 and we think they’re very deserving of the win don’t you think?

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