Boston Terrier’s ‘I Love You’ Bark Gets Him Adopted

A sweet Boston Terrier found on the streets of Tyler, Texas, won over visitors to his shelter by his unique bark.

Visitors claimed the small dog named Domino was saying “I love you” as families left the shelter. Terry Cashion, Operations Manager at the Pets Fur People shelter, told news outlets the four-year-old pup knew what he was doing, because he got adopted because of his “talking.”

Domino’s magic bark certainly appears to have worked on his adopter, Donna Bryanon. She rescued him nearly a month after he arrived at the shelter.

Donna Bryanon adopted Domino after hearing his special bark. Photo: Facebook

Said Chashion:

“When the lady [Donna] adopting him came in – she’s a real nice lady who has adopted from us before – she said: ‘He talks to me’.”

“I said: ‘All our dogs talk to you’ and she said: ‘This one’s special’, so we went out and listened.”

“You can plainly hear ‘I love you’. He says it when you’re walking away because he’s worried you’re leaving him. He’s a sweetheart, he really is.”

You can hear Domino’s sweet bark in the video below:

Domino is the second dog Donna has adopted from Pets Fur People. He will join her other Boston Terrier and a Jack Russell at her home.

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