Belgian Malinois Who Uses Toilet Has Better Manners Than Many People

A Belgian Malinois named Monkey has learned to pee in the toilet just like a person. Not only does he lift the lid first, but he makes sure to aim properly and then put the lid down again before flushing!

Monkey’s video has gotten millions of views for good reason. Viewers are completely in awe of his skills and how polite he is.

One viewer commented, “Can we take a moment to appreciate how he flushed with the lid down?”

Another remarked, “Let’s take a moment to recognize that this dog has better aim then some of the men in our house.”

“Plot twist: The dog was showing the owner how to pee in the toilet,” said another.

People also noticed the dog’s stare at the end was clearly communicating he wanted reward for a job well done. A dog lover wrote, “The look at the end was like: ‘I did right, right’.”

Others acknowledged the effort that would go in to teach Monkey to do it. “Damn that’s must required lots of training. well done,” a fan wrote.

Monkey is one of Omar von Muller’s dogs. Von Muller is a dog trainer who has trained many very smart dogs to do many smart things. His previous dog, Jumpy, learned many tricks, including the famous one by Skidboot.

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