Akita Puppy Adorably Carries Stuffed Toy With His Curled Tail

This Akita living in Lviv, Ukraine carries his toy around with him in a way that is simply unique and so adorable!

it took me a second to register that the dog didn’t have a wild animal hitching a ride. Instead it’s his stuffed hedgehog secured by his curled tail!

Viewers couldn’t help but excitedly comment on just how “hilariously cute” and “so adorable” the Akita is.

And one viewer astutely recognized the dog may be onto something. Carrying his plushy with his tail means “That way he can talk while he walks.” Good observation!

Another viewer was as relieved as we were to realize what was going on. The viewer commented, “the amount of relief I felt when I realized it was a toy and not a real hedgehog…”

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