Aggressive Dog Turns Sweet After She Is Brought Abandoned Puppies

A stray dog barked furiously out front of a woman’s home, scaring her. But just days later, she was showing a softer side thanks to a caring animal rescuer and two puppies.

A woman called Takis, an experienced Greek dog rescuer who founded and runs Takes Shelter. She told him the aggressive dog was barking out front of her door and not letting her inside her home.

screenshot via YouTube/Takis Shelter

Takis approached the dog cautiously and she barked continually. But he was able to get a rope around her neck. “It was obvious that she had known violence, because she didn’t want humans near her,” he said. She even bit him on the wrist when he placed her in the car.

Takis Shelter

But the next day among the other dogs and with Takis she was a dog transformed, sweet and jumping on him for affection. She adored him and knew she was safe.

Takis learned she was pregnant and one week later “Faith” gave birth to puppies. Sadly one of her pups died.

Takis Shelter

But just a day later her litter was about to get two more unexpected additions after Takis found two puppies who had been dumped on a beach.

He brought them back to his shelter and decided to introduce them to Faith.

Takis Shelter

Faith followed him to his van and it’s as if she instinctively knew she was about to get a gift – but a gift she would be responsible for. As soon as she saw the two puppies in the car, she jumped up to sniff them and immediately wanted to take care of them. She didn’t let the puppies out of her sight.

Takis Shelter

Faith is an excellent mother, looking after her adopted pups as lovingly as she does her own.

Takis Shelter

Take a look at her rescue in the heartwarming video below.

To find out how to support Takis and the dogs he rescues visit Takis shelter on Facebook.

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