Adorable Brothers and Best Friends: Baby and His Dog Share Strong Bond

“They both love each other to pieces and have since day one,” says Andee Smith. Andee is describing the bond between her baby boy, Hogan Keith and his big brother, Bogey the Yorkshire Terrier. “They are best friends and will be for a lifetime!”

Their delightful friendship shines through in the heartwarming photos and videos Andee shared with DogHeirs.

“Little brother & big brother, Hogan and Bogey, love each other so much.”

“Saturday afternoon nap for the babies”

“Wagon rides!”

“More wagon rides!”

Hogan shares his breakfast.

“Puppy dog kisses. Bogey getting sugars while Hogan naps.”

“‘Fighting'” over the rubber ducky.”

Hogan gives Bogey kisses.


“They’ve got it made”

“I love my doggy!”

~ Submitted by DogHeirs member Andee Smith

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