Abused Dog Had Given Up On Life Until She Meets Pack of Rescue Dogs

When Lucy showed up in someone’s yard, the Golden Retriever looked like she had “been bred hard.” She was bedraggled and wouldn’t eat hard kibble. A Good Samaritan contacted Lee Asher with The Asher House and he came out to rescue the dog.

Lucy had scars on her head and nose and had just had babies. The Good Samaritan who took her in suspected Lucy had been “living” at a puppy mill. Asher looked at the scared and traumatized dog and got the feeling that the dog had been abused for no reason. He was pretty upset, realizing “this dog has been through it.”

He recognized that she was on the edge of giving up. He made a promise to make her life okay. And things started to look brighter for Lucy when she got introduced to Asher’s pack of rescue dogs.

She got introduced to the pack and they were all very protective of her.

After a few days, Lucy started to walk with the pack.

Now she has opened up and is loving her new life on The Asher House.

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