Abandoned Elderly Dog Suffering in the Middle of a Road Rescued Just in Time

A driver spotted a large elderly dog in the middle of the road and called DAR Animal Rescue. They immediately drove out after midnight to get him. ‘Big Ben’ couldn’t hold his head up. He was covered in burrs and looked in terrible shape. They didn’t know what was wrong with him but they knew he was suffering and needed help.

Ermioni put a muzzle on him to get him to her car and get him to the vet clinic. Their wonderful vet took their call and opened her clinic after hours.

Ben has every Mediterranean disease you can imagine – leishmaniasis, anaplasma, ehrlichiosis. He also has a weak heart and very bad arthritis in his back legs.

They learned he is very old. “We know nothing about his past or his exact age but we believe he is over 18 years old,” Ermioni later wrote.

Ben would spend the night at the vet clinic, safe at last. Over the next few days he began to eat a little and a week later he went to their shelter where he will get his medicines, food and of course lots of love.

Because of his advanced age and his many health conditions Big Ben will remain at DAR Animal Rescue’s shelter where they will do everything in their power to give him a comfortable life. Consider donating via PayPal to help them care for Ben and the other dogs in their care and follow them on Facebook.

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