Abandoned Dog Waits For Owners To Come Back For Her

“No, no, no. Hurry up.” Danny with A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue watched helplessly, his heart pounding, as the dog ran across the busy street. He had arrived in Oildale, California to rescue the German Shepherd mix who had been abandoned. Like many abandoned dogs, she had stuck around the place where she had been left in the hope of seeing her owners again.

Danny knew she hung out around a church where she sat for days under shaded tree waiting for her owners to come back. But they never did.

Many neighbours in the area wanted to help “Shelly” but she would run away anytime someone approached. Danny from A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue heard about the dog and experienced the same thing any time he tried to get close to her.

Shelly roamed busy streets, concerning her rescuers. Photo: Karen Mitchell O’Neil

At one point, Danny watched helplessly as she wandered across busy streets. He was gravely concerned that she would be hit by a car but it was too dangerous to approach her. He knew she would try and escape and run into traffic, which was even more dangerous!

By some miracle Shelly survived several days of roaming the heavily trafficked streets. And fortunately for Shelly she came to the attention of local rescuer Karen Mitchell O’Neil, who worked with A Safefurr Place to save her!

Stay tuned to the end of the video to see Shelly with her foster family! She’s a real sweetie!

Shelly only wants belly rubs now.

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