Rescuer has Hands Full with 8 Husky Puppies Taken from Hoarding Situation

Lee Asher rescues a lot of dogs from all kinds of situations and brings them to The Asher House. So when he heard of a hoarding situation in Washington State and that rescuers needed help with puppies he immediately drove up from Oregon to get 8 husky puppies.

After arriving home several hours later Lee admitted he was “smitten by them.” When he lets them out of the van the puppies were eager to explore but also a bit nervous, especially when they heard the dogs barking inside.

But eventually Lee coaxes them inside and put them in their own room. Even though his 42 other dogs were tucked away from the pups, one dog broke out to visit the new puppies – Joey the husky! He must have recognized the “mini-me’s” because he even jumped over the doggie fence to greet them.

A short time later the puppies are introduced to the whole pack. They are curious but bit timid around the pack at first, but soon are happily settling in.

One the second day the puppies are making a mess but loving their walks and all the excitement.

And after so much exploring it’s time to get their first bath.

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