21 Awesome Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Halloween is around the corner and with it comes all the excitement of Trick or Treating and dressing up the family in costumes, including our dogs! Check out these 20 creative costume ideas!

1. Red Riding Hood and “Grandma”

2. Scooby Doo

3. The Minions

4. Ichibod Crane

HGTV fan newfy1_5226167

5. Boxing Boxer

6. Greyhound

7. Skeleton


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8. Unicorn

9. Stormtrooper

10. Elephant


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11. Junk food

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12. Star Wars

13. Spidery Spots

14. Chia Pet

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15. Harry Potter

16. Alligators in New York City

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17. Star Trek

18. The Fifth Element

19. Pulp Fiction

20. Camel

Lori Phillips, photographer/owner

21. Beauty and the Beast

Have a safe and fun Halloween with your dogs! And if you are looking for tips for keeping your dog calm if they are frightened of fireworks, check out our tips here.

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