Man Overcome With Emotion When He Reunites With His Lost Dog

Just watch when he comes outside…

dad reunited with lost dog

After 12 days missing, Butterscotch the dog is finally heading home for a heartwarming reunion with his family.

The video opens with Butterscotch’s mom telling the camera she found him after searching for him. She explains she’s heading home to reunite “Butters” with her husband and her daughter Kayla.

“Butters” Dad is so excited he races out to the car the moment she pulls up in front of the house. He dashes over and can’t wait to hold Butterscotch in his arms.

He’s so flustered, he can’t open the car door fast enough. But the moment he has “Butters” in a hug, he sobs with relief. Butterscotch was obviously very missed and one very loved dog.

Watch the touching reunion in the video below.

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