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Dog Makes Ad for Apartment for Rent Go Viral on Internet

The way he snuck into each of these photos is hilarious!

Looking to make your apartment more attractive to prospective buyers and renters? Consider including your dog in the pictures, to make it more desirable.

That’s what John and Sara Kanive did when their dog Otis snuck himself into photos that John was taking to rent their apartment.

John said that Otis, who was adopted as a puppy from a Chicago shelter, intentionally inserted himself into John’s photos of their flat.

“He was just following me around,” John said. “For the first one he was just laying there, but after that he started sneaking into the pictures.”

When reviewing his photos, John decided to post the ones with Otis in them to Craigslist – and an internet star was born.

The quirky “Where’s Waldo” style photos of the dog inside the 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment went viral on the internet and in less than 24 hours the apartment was rented.

“He’s just a fun-loving, really gentle dog,” said Sara.

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