Woman Falls In Love With Stray Dog, Asks Her Parents To Foster Her

Steppy was hidden among some trees by the side of the road when Mackenzie first spotted her. The stray dog was very skinny and had barely any fur. But within a few weeks of attention from Mackenzie, Steppy knew she had found her person. She loved to hear “I love you” and was more interested in getting cuddles over food.

But Mackenzie was heartbroken because she knew she couldn’t take Steppy home with her because she wasn’t allowed to have dogs where she lived in Antigua. Every time she would drive away after visiting Steppy, Steppy would follow after her car.

Not wanting to let go of Steppy, Mackenzie asked two people for help that she knew she could trust. Her parents!

They agreed to foster her and so Steppy got on a cargo plane to New Jersey (the only plane available at the time because of the pandemic.) And they decided to keep Steppy too. So now Mackenzie can visit Steppy whenever she’s home!

Mackenzie runs Pawseactive which blends her two loves – yoga and rescuing dogs.

Visit Saint Mutts Rescue website for more details on dog rescue in Antigua and the dogs they have up for adoption.

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