Two Abandoned Puppies Rescued From Dangerous Riverbed

Two abandoned puppies are safe after being rescued from the top of a dangerous riverbed on the Greek island of Crete.

In the video, a rescue worker from Gouves Animal Shelter valiantly cut through the heavy vegetation with secateurs to try and reach the puppies, but it was a challenge to keep them out of harm’s way.

Writes the rescuer:

“The top of the river bed leads onto a busy main road with fast cars so they were in danger either way: falling down the steep river bed or going onto the busy road to risk being killed.”

“It took a long time to rescue them because the two puppies (both boys) were scared and every time we got further into the bushes they went further inside them.”

“After hours of trying we finally got them and took them straight to the vets for a checkup. It was probably the first time they ever felt a kind human hand and after a few days, they have started to come out of their shell and enjoy life.”

“Both boys are now safe in amazing foster homes and they are about eight weeks old. Both pups are available for adoption and can travel abroad to good homes.”

Watch the rescue of these two sweet puppies in the video below.

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