Sweet Belgian Malinois Abandoned By Owners When She Needed Them The Most

Luna the Belgian Malinois was abandoned by her owners at the veterinary clinic after she sustained an injury that required her leg to be amputated.

The 1.5-year-old dog’s family couldn’t imagine her living with only three legs so they asked the vets to euthanize her. But the vets refused and she came to the attention of Howl of a Dog rescue.

“We don’t have other details about her life with her previous owners, only that she had been bought as a puppy and they kept her in a kennel in the backyard of their house,” Howl of The Dog shared.

Luna is the sweetest dog you can imagine and her rescuers say she is “very loving with people” and “good with most dogs.”

“She is super smart and curious and loves to be trained new tricks. She would be happiest with a family who has experience in dealing with a Belgian Malinois.” To learn more about Luna and possibly adopting her visit the Howl of a Dog website.

Additional details: 1.5 yrs old, spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated.

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