Stray Pit Bull Rescued From Truck Stop After 7 Months

It all started with a lost cat. A truck driver lost his cat Franklin so a group of rescuers got together to find him (they did). But while they were out they spotted a muscular Pit Bull with cropped ears on the loose. The dog watched them intently but made sure to avoid them. A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue learned that the dog had been hanging around the area for 4 months and decided to rescue him.

Truck stop employees had tried to rescue the dog several times but couldn’t get close enough but they left him food and water.

Danny of Safefurr Place named the Pit Bull JJ. Initially, the rescue seemed to get off to a good start. JJ came close to get the food Danny was offering and on day three of trying to earn JJ’s trust Danny brought out a tennis ball. But JJ wasn’t interested in that.

A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue

In Part One of JJ’s rescue, Danny reveals that some truckers knew JJ was harmless but others didn’t. So after a person scared JJ away after he was trying to approach their small dog, JJ no longer wanted to approach Danny. That’s when fellow rescuer Kirsten came with her dog to see if JJ would approach her.

But neither Danny or Kirsten had much luck. Danny noted that quite a few feral cats call the truck stop home and come out at night. That’s when further problems began. JJ was quite timid around the cats who would eat any food left out for JJ. So, trying to lure the dog into a trap proved difficult.

The feral cats were relentless about sneaking into the traps set for JJ and stealing the food.

Not only that JJ avoided trap after trap, prompting Danny to build a really big one. Danny hid away from JJ because he figured the dog would be spooked. But in a strange twist, JJ spotted Danny and this time he decided not to retreat.

Danny tried to lure him to the trap he had set. But JJ wasn’t so easily fooled. It went on and on like this. Months passed without success. The area in which JJ roamed was just too large.

Areas where JJ was seen. A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue

So it was time for the back up plan – the sumps – an area was surrounded by broken fence. It was still a big area, and the fencing had holes, but at least Danny had a better shot!

Check out Part Two of JJ’s rescue in the video below!

And here is the 3rd part of JJ’s rescue – after his rescue – that you will want to see!

JJ had to have foxtails removed from his ears and paws but he is on the mend. He was also welcomed into his foster family’s home! And with that JJ got a new name – Ruger. He also got a new home because his foster family couldn’t bear to part with him and officially adopted him!

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