Severely Injured Dog Who Went Through Hell Making Miraculous Recovery

Harris was found wrapped in a blanket by the side of a road. The sweet pup was skin and bones and his right side was covered in open wounds. Thankfully he was spotted by a Good Samaritan who brought him to Stray Rescue of Saint Louis on March 16, 2019.

Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

His condition was so dire that rescuers and caregivers stayed with him day and night and he needed a feeding tube for a week.

Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

There were several times it was “touch and go” and they didn’t know if Harris would pull through. But he felt the love and care he was getting and hung on.

Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

After a week of intensive care he was finally able to drink and eat on his own. But he then developed pneumonia. Stray Rescue noted that he just couldn’t catch a break. He had to be given breathing treatments and watched carefully, but again he pulled through.

Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

“He is truly our miracle in the making,” Stray Rescue said.

Three weeks after he first arrived, Harris sat up.

Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

A day later he tried to walk and on April 11th he succeeded! It was an incredible milestone for him, given how terrible a condition he was in when he was rescued.

Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

Over the following two weeks Harris barked for the first time and he even started to run!

Stray Rescue of Saint Louis

He’s now up to 42 pounds, gaining 11 pounds. Harris still has a ways to go but his journey back to health is truly inspirational. Watch Harris’ incredible recovery in the heartwarming video below.

To support Harris visit the website of Stray Rescue of Saint Louis here.

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