Rescuers Make Heartbreaking Discovery After Saving Mama Dog and Her Puppy

Hope For Paws was called about a mama dog and her puppies living in a junkyard and headed out to find the family. A Good Samaritan had been feeding the mother for over a year and told them the dog had been skin and bones when she first met her, and had only let her start petting her the previous week.

They also learned the mama had given birth to 9 puppies, but when they arrived they were told only two were left. Sadly the workers had given most of the puppies away.

When Lisa Arturo put the lucky leash over the mom, the Good Samaritan was overcome with emotion. “I’ve been waiting so long for this,” she tells them choking back tears. She had been so worried about the stray dog because she was told the dog wasn’t adoptable and would be put down, but she never gave up hope that Vegas would be rescued.

After loading Vegas and her puppy (Moondusk) into their car, Lisa and Joanne Wiltz went in search for the second puppy but were devastated minutes after. The second puppy was lying in a back lane near a pile of garbage and appears to have just died. (Note: the deceased puppy appears at minute 2:28 to 2:40 in the video and may be distressing to some viewers).

There was nothing more they could do, but on their way to the vets, they got a second call about a stray dog – which turned out to be another puppy in need! They had been told she had been living there for months. Fortunately, they caught Bingo easily with a trap.

With all three rescues secured, Hope For Paws ushered the trio to the vets for much needed check ups and baths.

Hope For Paws wishes they had been called sooner about Vegas and her pups “so this rescue would have had an even better ending” but it is of some comfort to know that Bingo and Moondusk have found forever homes. Vegas is still waiting on hers – we hope she finds her happy ending soon.

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