Rescuer Sees Swollen-faced Dog Rummaging Through Trash, Stops to Save Him

An animal rescuer who is part of Bakersfield Strays was driving near the agricultural lands of the Californian city, where sadly many dogs are dumped when one dog caught her eye. The Pit Bull was rummaging through trash on the side of the road. But what she noticed was that his head looked like a balloon.

There was a reason for that. The rescuer wrote on TikTok, “His head was incredibly swollen from having a tight chain around his neck.”

The rescuer immediately stopped and, using chicken, coaxed the Pit Bull into her car. The dog didn’t seem to mind getting the food and was friendly.

“Chunk the Hunk”, as he was later named, sat calmly in her car as they headed to the veterinarian. He seems very relieved and calm but completely unaware of how much his life was about to change.

Watch Chunk’s rescue in the TikTok video below:

@rescuingabandoneddogs♬ original sound – R.A.D.

Here’s the Instagram video of Chunk’s rescue.

It’s clear that Chunk suffered a great deal from being chained too tightly, although his condition could also have been caused by an embedded collar or rope. He had significant scarring around his neck and it must have constricted blood flow for some time to cause such swelling.

Thankfully, after receiving much needed medical care, Chunk’s head returned to normal size. Next up for his recovery was to work on his manners. For that, Bakersfield Strays enlisted the help of Humble K9.

Chunky was a quick learner and enjoys the company of people and other dogs. Bakersfield Strays wrote, “Chunk the Hunk is making a startling recovery! From the time he was rescued until now, with the help of his amazing trainer @humblek9, we’re so proud of him!”

He also got into a good exercise routine to strengthen his body.

Although he’s not the biggest fan of the treadmill.

After all his care and training, Chunk was ready for adoption.

Thankfully, he didn’t have long to wait to find his forever family and it’s all thanks to Bakersfield Strays.

Bakersfield Strays is a coalition of several rescues in Kern County. It incudes R.A.D. Rescue, Southern California Pomeranian Rescue (SCPR), START Rescue.

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