Rescued St Bernard Learning What It’s Like to Have a Family and Home For First Time

A 130-pound dog is learning what it’s like to live in a home with a family for the first time in his life. Cosmo is a St. Bernard who was surrendered to Hearts United for Animals in Auburn, NE.

The shelter doesn’t know why his breeder decided to give him up, but they were overjoyed when they received a call asking to adopt him. It turn’s out Jayne’s husband saw Cosmo’s picture online and knew he wanted the gentle giant to join their family.

Not everyone can accommodate a 130-pound dog, but Jayne’s family opened their home and their hearts to the big dog.

Screenshot via The Dodo/YouTube

Kristy, the shelter manager was in happy tears when she introduced Jayne to Cosmo for the first time.

Screenshot via The Dodo/YouTube

The big dog wasn’t a big fan of getting into cars, but it probably was because he didn’t know how to.

After driving to his new home in New York State, he was introduced to the family’s two other dogs – Poppy and Grendel.

Screenshot via The Dodo/YouTube

Both dogs were eager to meet him. And although Jayne says in the video she was nervous for him to meet the kids, he loved them immediately, rolling on his belly for some belly rubs.

Screenshot via The Dodo/YouTube

With his new fur siblings and little humans he’s experiencing a lot of firsts.

All it took was one night in his new home and the next day he began to play with his furry siblings. He is He is unfazed by their rabbits and settling into his new home really well. He has a few things still to learn.

Screenshot via The Dodo/YouTube

For instance, he likes the toilet bowl over his water bowl – but maybe because it’s bigger?

Screenshot via The Dodo/YouTube

And he’s not figured out stairs yet. But that’s normal for a St. Bernard, as stairs can be a challenge for their big frame.

He’s also learning what it’s like to be safe and loved – but from the looks of it he’s adapting to home life wonderfully.

Watch his full adoption story in the video below.

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