Nobody Wanted This ‘Quiet, Low-Energy’ Dog, But A Couple Found What Makes Her Happy

A dog who was languishing at a shelter kept on being passed up because she was deemed too quiet and low energy.

No one wanted Lhotse — until Noël and her boyfriend saw her picture and wanted to adopted her right away.

She and her boyfriend went to get the dog, but the staff told them she probably wouldn’t be a good fit for them since they were very active and like to backpack and camp. But they couldn’t have been more wrong.

The moment Lhotse saw her very first lake, it was like they “flipped her joy switch”. It was as if she had finally found “home” and what made her happy. But that wasn’t the end to this happy tale.

Just when they thought their family was complete, a small dog showed up at their house at 3AM. They tried to find the stray dog’s family but without any luck. So now Fin has joined the family and all four of them go on adventures together.

Watch their heartwarming story in the video below.

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